Thursday, May 31, 2012

An amazing phenomenon

AH White died 7th March 1964. My father Michael placed his ashes and marked the spot with a marble head stone in May the same year on the hill above the Belltrees Country House overlooking the main Homestead to the North. The traditional polished face bears his name, date of birth, death and inscription marking his life.

Look closely at the photo of the of the Chapel, with the chimneys of the Homestaed to the right and the hill centred beyond . There at the top of that hill, almost directly above the Boer War Memorial, is an unmistakable mirror like glare from the polished marble face of the headstone; bearing down on the Village every morning at approximately 10:00 am during the third week of May every year.
I remember observing it when I was at Belltrees Primary School all those years ago when we broke for recess. The School happens to be directly in line with the Homestead and the glaring head stone beyond.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Patrick White; 100 years on

Patrick was my great, grandfathers nephew; my grandfathers first cousin or my fathers first cousin, once removed; above all he is Australia's only Nobel Prize winner for literature.
PW was an activist who loathed traditional views yet was raised in very conservative surrounds. To most Australians, he was an enigma.
In 1976 when I was convalescing from a debilitating car accident my mother gave me a book of poetry to read by Patrick White, from the Belltrees library. The title was The Ploughman and I was informed that this particular copy was 1 of only two copies left in existance as Patrick had destroyed the rest. Perhaps he never saw himself as a poet.
Its title is Futility and its verse goes something like this;

The air , the earth and the sea make mock of futile things like me.
Crumbs related to the crust, life to death , iron to rust.
As naught can alter then i must be me until I change to dust.

I decided to etch illustrations to the poem and hand it in as my major work for the HSC. Perhaps I should bring them out from storage and hang them on the wall in my office to remind us all of what an amazing man he really was.

Monday, May 28, 2012

BASS fishing at Belltrees

April and May have been, weather wise, the most spectacular months we have seen for a long time. Slightly short of rain but otherwise clear sunny days and warm temparatures; ideal for fishing.
Simon Tydd and 3 othert mates from Tamworth came down and canoed the Hunter River through Belltrees from the Station Causeway to Lake Glenbawn. (approx 10 km). They drifted and walked the river edge and caught close to 30  magnificent bass.
I asked them what we were having for dinner and they laughed; we only Catch and Kiss ............NO BBQ ?? I suggested next time we might bend the rules.
If you wish to try your skills wetting the line in the Spring months give Serena a call on 65461123. Book one of the cottages out and enjoy a weeeknd fishing the Hunter River.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

RUBY giving Angus Heifers breakfast before HVABS

Thursday 31 May is the annual Hunter Valley Angus Breeders Sale (HVABS) and I had a little help with feeding a few mobs of cows and calves in preparation. Ruby Rose Hyland is always good help and light entertainment on the job.
Later in the day she was out helping Serena give lunch and tour to 50 visitors on a Coach Tour from Denman.

MONA is a must

A trip to Tassie to see MONA (museum of modern and old art) is a must. It is truely an international attraction with a taste of  both shock and intrigue. And for those with a slight engineering bent the building itself adds to the absolute evolving exhibition of cultural flair.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Belltrees Polo Team took out Peisley Trophy

Anto and Peter teamed up with Royston Murphy and Neil Craig to win the 2012 Peisley Trophy at Scone Polo Club. Competition from Ellerston was hot but the oldies took home the silver.  It was a big day out for Peter as well as he scored a trifecta winning not only the Peisley Trophy but was also awarded the MVP and his mare Belltrees Karma won the Champion pony award. A great way to end the autumn season for an old fart.

Jaspers 21st

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Jasper celebrates 21st in Belltrees Shearingshed

150 guests, dressed in white apparel, flocked to the Belltrees Shearing Shed to help Jasper celebrate his 21st birthday. There were Roman Legions, sheep, bears, goddesses, tennis stars, explorers, movie stars, reindeers and topless waiters; skirting the board. all adding to the level of vibe. Bret Jones donned in Angus Young uniform and struck up to AC/DC Acca dacca on his bag pipes backed up by music maestro Jackson Hunter. The Shed rocked and the cocktails flowed; cut out wasn't till 5:30 am.
Happy Birthday Jasper; that's one to remember!!!.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jasper and Alec in Polo Test matches V South Africa

March 31: Windsor Polo Club; Polo Test Match V South Africa . Curtain raiser saw Jasper White captain the Australian Colts (under 21) and Alec stepped up to the big time and was heavily involved in the crushing victory over the Spring Boks in a very fast, furious and exciting Test match later on in the day.
Jasper went on to play at the RAS Easter Show, 3 a side polo, test match the following Saturday and continued Australia's domination over the Boks.